2d Portfolio

Pixel Art Portfolio:

tiles_rocky_01_Showcase_01 tiles_rocky_01_Showcase_02

tiles_scifi_01_Showcase_01 tiles_scifi_01_Showcase_02

Pixel Dailies Pieces (each piece done in less than a day):

shields_01_4x titan_01_4x stonewall_01_4x sand_01_1x_and_4x leafs_01_1x_and_4x robots_01_1x_and_4x  penguin_01_4x frog_01_4x  moss_01_6x ooze_01_1x_3x_03 candy_01_1x_and_3x

Other Art Pieces:




enemy2enemy_L plat_l plat_m plat_s

bigfaller_2 flyfaller_01lightbug_01lyd_L_fix crystalREDprize


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